An Amazing Bestest Story Called: The Purple Dove Flies at Midnight

This is the dove, but the dove is purple, not white. The title is "The Purple Dove" I think the dove might be purple.

The Purple Dove flies at midnight. What did you think it would do? It says it right in the title.

No, the Purple Dove really goes to Africa, and then spends the night in a really nice hotel off the coast of Flordia. But you can't forget about when the Purple Dove dosent do ANY of the things I just said, because all the Purple Dove does is fly at midnight, as the title says. But ONE extra thing that I forgot to say was that the Purple Dove's name is Gerome and he is a really nice person- or dove because he is not a human, he is a purple dove, as the title says AND the paragraph above me.

This is flordia, the bird did not go here. If you read the last paragraph, you would know that Gerome did NOT go to Flordia. You would ALSO know that the Purple Dove's real name is Gerome.

Next on the story is Gerome's best friend, Charlotte. She has been his bestest friend for as long as they could remember. The one thing is that last night, they had a BIG fight and are not friends anymore, which dosent make sence because I referd her as his bestest friend at the begining of this chapter, lol.

Yeah, Gerome is really sad. What will he do!? this is his heart....

Anyways, do we know why Gerome was flying at midnight? He might hav been trying to save his bestest friendship with Charlotte or maybe HE FLIES AT MIDNIGHT BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT THE TITLE SAYS!

This is how sad Gerome is

Now, I know that there isnt really a story going on right now...... but I don't really care about that, I care about how probally at this time you still think Gerome (Purple Dove) flew to Flordia and spent the night in a hotel. HE DID NOT! He didnt o anywhere! He didnt even go save his cherished friendship with Charlotte because all he does is flys at midnight. Okay, I think you got the memo here, Imma leave so you can probally find a way better story than this. Byeeeeeeeee! : )

Before I go, here are some memes to make this story really good, even though it's not part of the story.