Me and my friends are forever friends

We are going to grow old together.

We love each other and hopefully we always will.

We go to school together.

Ella is my best friend. I feel like she is family, because she practically is. We know eachother frome cheer ,we both have a pashon for it. She likes to do Gymnastics,cheer,and pagents. We do a lot together. Like, coding camp that my aunt brought us to. We both really enjoy it.:) Amel,Kiraleigh,Anna,and Jaylynn were all in my class last year. We all still stay in contact. We all have drama but especially me and Amel. One time a kid in my class brought beads to class and me and Amel planned on sorting them out. Well, that honestlly didn't happen. Because, Amel gave me a little plate of them, I DID NOT WANT A LITTLE PLATE OF THEM.So I was like " Amel I don't want this". So that was that, things were said and so Amel said " This is why you don't have friends over a year". So, yeah I cryied but we're still friends.
So thats my main friends. Thank you for reading this. Byeeeeeeee have a great life!