Dogs and Puppies!

Hi, in this website we will be focusing on mans best friend, the dog! Everybody loves a good dog. They come in all shapes and sizes, ( And cuteness, and uglyness), Dogs evolved from wolves, centries ago, but back then most dogs were furious preditors, but fast forward to now, dogs are the most well know pet on the face of Earth! Dogs have many characteristics,such as, furry, loveable, and cute!

Oh All Of The Different Breeds!

There are so many dog breeds! (according to Google there are 360 officialy reconized breeds.) Each breed has a different personality, shape, and size.For example the Golden Retrvier is tall and golden, unlike most other dogs, it also is very well behaved.And then there are mixed breeds.For example A Cavalier King Charles Spainel , mixed with a poodle is a cavapoo.

The American Kennel Club.

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So You Wanna Get A Cavalier?

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