STEM Summer Camps

  • Ignite a passion for learning that extends beyond camp
  • Provide a vital and engaging STEM bridge between the school years
  • Participants are 73% more likely to perform better in the upcoming school year
  • Activities are led by STREAMWORKS Interns, who have real STEM team experience
  • STEM Camps are safe and affordable
  • Scholarships are often available, and can be accessed here

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One of the major ways we reach students of all ages and backgrounds is through our summer camp opportunities. Each June and July, our summer camps will reach local communities in the Appalachian Highlands region. STREAMWORKS understands that paying the fees for the camps can be difficult for some families, and, in order to give equal opportunity to all kids, STREAMWORKS offers scholarships to those who showcase their love for STEM and have the desire to better themselves for the future. Kids who have participated in our past programs have seen improved performance in the classroom, as they are instilled with a new excitement for math and science.

The STREAMWORKS summer camps cover a wide variety of different skills and incorporate these skills into curriculums that are enjoyable for kids of all age groups. STREAMWORKS covers Computer-Aided Design (CAD), electronics and circuitry, coding, and mechanics in camps. Throughout the week, students will focus on a different skill every day that correlates with the camp’s overall theme.

Not only does STREMWORKS provide the curriculum and lectures for these activities, but we also include all necessary materials to perform these activities. Instructors will provide step-by-step instruction, walking the students through each activity and giving them essential information in order to guarantee success. Once students have established a foundation, our instructors will encourage students to be creative and put their newly learned skills to the test.

At STREAMWORKS, we believe that students learn the most when they innovate and solve problems on their own. Although our instructors will give them the information, we make it the job of the students to apply this new knowledge with the projects throughout the week. Along with giving students the freedom to create and problem solve, all of the projects in the summer camps will include a hands-on element. Students comprehend the information better when they can view and experience these subjects in real life. In our summer camps, we incorporate activities that apply the information learned and allow students to see it in action. Overall, our summer camps provide students with a foundation to aid them in becoming the next generation of STEM employees.