2022 Girls Coding Camp

To kick off the summer, STREAMWORKS hosted an all-girls coding camp. In this camp, students learned about problem solving, binary, robotics, web development, and Python!

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STEM Programs for Girls

  • Women only made up 27% of the STEM workforce in 2019.
  • STREAMWORKS programs inspire girls of all ages to pursue STEM.
  • STREAMWORKS includes female staff to provide an encouraging environment.
  • STEM opportunities for girls are offered through camps and robotics teams.

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The Problem

Though the demand for jobs related to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) has increased significantly in recent years, men still continue to dominate these fields, creating a STEM Gender Gap. Across the world, women make up less than a third (29.3%) of those employed in scientific research and development related fields. In addition, women who do choose to work in STEM fields are more likely to leave or choose to not continue their education in that field compared to their male counterparts. Throughout middle school, both male and female students take prestigious science and math courses and even make similar scores; however, in high school, we see this gap widen as fewer young girls choose to participate in STEM-related courses. Many researchers believe that this trend could be caused by gender stereotypes and society’s expectations surrounding what roles women can fill. In addition, the few women who do decide to enter the STEM workforce face discrimination, are paid less than male co-workers, feel isolated due to the lack of female coworkers, mentors, and role models, and feel as though their contributions are ignored.

Our Solution

STREAMWORKS will change this trajectory by helping young girls develop the skills needed to achieve success in any science or math-related career.
Our mission is to instill confidence in young girls by showing them that they can accomplish anything the boys can do through our all-girl summer camps, robotics teams, and workshops. In addition, the STREAMWORKS staff includes female members in order to inspire and prevent the feeling of isolation. Being in an all-girl environment will allow girls to excel and develop essential skills, all while being encouraged by other girls. Through our programs, we hope to decrease the STEM gender gap by increasing the number of females that enter the future STEM workforce. In addition, these young girls will learn how to think like an engineer, in addition to mechanics, basic electronics, coding, 3D modeling and printing, communication, leadership and responsibility. With these skills, any girl that goes through our programs will rise above their peers, bound for success in any career path of their choosing.

Past Projects

Previously, STREAMWORKS had hosted an all-girl coding camp and even had an all-girl Robot Drone League (RDL) Team in the past season. About 50 girls attended the coding camp from all around the region, including Girls Inc. The students first began with block coding on an online program called Scratch, learned the fundamentals of python using Code Combat, programmed VEX robots, LEGO robots, and drones and learned how to write programs using an Arduino processor in order to power motors and servos. The purpose of this camp was to inspire girls who were interested in the computer science field, despite computer science being a male-dominated field. In addition to having all-girl camps, STREAMWORKS also sponsored an all-girl robotics team known as Superwoman Smarts Flygirls, a team made up of schoolgirls ranging from grades 4 through 8. The team designed their own robot with a drive train system and a linear actuator system, with the robot programmed using a Raspberry Pi.

The team also included a drone pilot that learned how to proficiently fly a drone, as well as coding the drone using Python. On top of that, the team programmed their robot using a Raspberry Pi. Utilizing both the robot and the drone together, the team had to strategize how to get as many points as possible in the Robot Drone League Competition within a 10-minute time frame. Overall, the all-girl team placed second in last season’s Robot Drone League Competition. Aundrea Wilcox, the creator of Superwoman Smarts Flygirls, said this about the experience:

“STEM-related education and early exposure can substantially empower girls to achieve economic mobility and better life chances. It is clear to me that this program works. I watched the lightbulb go off with this group of girls. I know this experience has transformed them and they are encouraged more than ever to pursue STEM education and eventually work in technology-related fields.”

Our Partners

STREAMWORKS wanted to give a big thank-you to all of our partners who have helped us make our Girls in STEM initiatives a reality. Learn more about the amazing women below.

Aundrea Y. Wilcox

AUNDREA Y. WILCOX, Brenau University MBA, is currently the Senior Business Counselor of the Tennessee Small Business Development Center (TSBDC) at East Tennessee State University (ETSU) Kingsport Affiliate Office and Executive Director of the Kingsport Office of Small Business Development & Entrepreneurship (KOSBE) at the Kingsport Area Chamber of Commerce, Tenn. She has provided technical assistance to over 1,800 individuals and businesses during her 12+ years as a professional business consultant.

In addition to being a full-time Certified GrowthWheel Business Advisor™, Aundrea has a long tradition of community service. She currently serves on the Holston Valley Medical Center Board of Directors as Chairman, a Board Member of the Holston Business Development Center Small Business Incubator and was a past member of the Board of Directors of the Northeast Tennessee Regional Entrepreneurial Accelerator. She is also a Selection Committee Member for the East Tennessee State University Roan Scholars Leadership Program and a member of the Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation’s Advisory Council to Minority Business Participation.

Aundrea Y. Wilcox is also the author of two books: Startup Savvy: Strategies for Optimizing Small Business Survival & Success–and Superwoman Smarts: Activating Leadership & Substance. She also recently collaborated with 25 consultants affiliated with the U.S. Small Business Development Center (SBDC) program to help write a new book, The TriStart™ Matrix, which is designed to help entrepreneurs master three critical phases for a successful business start.

Future Projects

In order to aid more girls in reaching their full potential, STREAMWORKS will continue many Girls in STEM initiatives in the future. Be on the lookout for events coming soon!


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